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The New Big Feet Design

Business Goals:

The goal of Big Feet Design is to show off all my work and give people a place to go to learn more about me and the way I work.


Discovery Session

The first step I took in creating this page was to figure out who my users were. In this case, the users were fairly obvious. My users were recruiters and hiring managers, in addition to people who are just generally interested in what I am doing. Then, I started my ideation process.


The next step in my projects is wireframing. I prefer to use pencil and paper, so that my process is quick and generates as many different ideas as possible. After several sketches, I developed my final idea for the project, and I moved to the next step.



Once I developed a firm concept through my sketches, I created a workable prototype. To do this, I use many different tools, but in this case I used Axure RP. Any last minute changes to the layout or basic design were done here.


After I've nailed down the basic layout and design through my wireframing and then through my prototyping, I am ready to work on the real design of the page. To do this, I normally use either Sketch or Photoshop. However, in this case, due to the overwhelming number of options available, I employed a template, so that I could launch more quickly.



The final step of this process was to code the design into a fully functioning website. I had a basic shell from the template, but I used my skills in HTML5 and CSS3 (using SASS/Compass) to customize the pages and make them just the way I liked. I employed a responsive web design, so that my site would be accessible from all devices, including smartphones all the way to big desktop monitors.

Finished Product

Once the project was coded, I then launched my site for the world to see.

Big Feet Design Homepage
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